Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A New Resource for Armstrong's Writings at Silenced.co

I want to mention another blog named Silenced.co  that is doing incredible work at exposing the errors of Armstrongism. They have been laboring to organize an extensive library of literature pertaining to the writings of  Herbert W. Armstrong, the Radio Church of God, the Worldwide Church of God, Ambassador College, The Plain Truth Magazine, and their various publications. It is an invaluable tool and my hat is off to the guys over there who are putting in so many hours of their time for all of us to benefit by. Thanks to the team at Silenced.co!

Here is the link to their library: http://silenced.co/library/

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  1. This information source is a must if you grew up in either the Worldwide, United, Global, Living, Philadelphia, Reformed, or other splinter churches of god that originated after the 1995 split. You need to know where the teachings that your ministers teach to you originated and that it is based upon seriously flawed theology that contradicts Jesus Christ Himself and His own words recorded in the New Testament. The fact that Herbert W. Armstrong was a false prophet can be easily documented by reading his early Plain Truth articles(hardly plain or truth) starting back in the 1920's. God would never use a presumptious liar to do His work and time has proven that.